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About Our School

National EMS Institute is the dedicated leader in EMS Education. Founded over a decade ago, the company has transformed from strictly CPR training, to the EMS giant it is today. Some of the qualities that have induced this success is the innovation of our training. For instance, N.E.I is home to two training ambulances, a one bedroom apartment, crash simulation lab, and mock hospital room. We also have a state-of-the-art simulation manikin that actually has the ability to breathe and pump blood throughout his system.

One of the most unique things about National EMS Institute is how we have built our Emergency Medical Technician program. This course is built around longer hours and shorter course length. This gives students the ability to get into the field and start a rewarding career sooner. Here at N.E.I, we understand that EMT training cannot strictly be taught in a classroom. This is why we have contracted with a local ambulance companies to allow students the opportunity to participate in ride time, if they choose.

Mission, Objectives & Goals

The objective of our course(s) is to prepare students to enter the EMT workforce. Our commitment is to prepare students as much as possible through rigorous training and academic support. Our goal is to have produced well educated, successful Emergency Medical Technicians who are ready to serve the public with the highest level of care and satisfaction.

When an accident occurs or an earthquake hits, the public relies on the dependability and knowledge of experts who are well trained to manage the crisis. At National EMS Institute, we prepare our students, to care for the sick or injured in an emergency setting often with people’s lives depending on you. EMT-Basic Training is the first step to becoming a Paramedic.

Upon completion of our special EMT Boot Camp course you will receive 5 additional certifications, to your course completion certificate. You will receive certifications in, CPR, Bloodborne Pathogen, Glucometer, I.V. Maintenance, BLS Advanced Airway/Intubation Assistance. These are certifications that many other schools don’t offer.

Those Who Have Attended NEI

Over the years we have taught hundreds of police and fire departments, medical students and individuals with the hope of one day entering the emergency medical world. We have also had the honor of training the U.S. Coast Guard, Bermuda Fire, and even Military Students. EMS is not limited to working on an ambulance, you can work in hospitals, and other professions that may require EMT certifications. EMS certifications can also help individuals who want to join the military in a medical field. We offer discounts to firefighters, police officers, and past or active military members, making it easier for these individuals to further their knowledge in their professions.

Courses Offered

While National EMS Institute’s primary focus is EMT training, we also offer a wide array of other courses. We offer CPR training (including First Aid and AED), CPR Instructor training, a variety of Con-Ed courses, and National EMT-B Written Exam Preparation. Still looking for more information about our institute?

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National EMS Institute is State accredited through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Technicians and the State of Rhode Island Department of Public Health. NEI hosts nationally accredited training courses through the NREMT. National EMS Institute, Inc. reserves the right to change course times and locations to serve our students better.
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